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Play Boy TV

Playboy TV (formerly known as The Playboy Channel) is a premium monthly subscription cable network. Since its launch in 1982, Playboy TV has become a leading entertainment channel for adult entertainment. It is available in the United States, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Japan, México, New Zealand, Greece, the United Kingdom, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Norway and more. The channel is owned by Playboy Enterprises.

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[edit] Programming

Playboy TV's programming schedule ranges from sex-driven reality shows (Foursome) to comedic scripted content (Canoga Park), to original news and specials (World Of Playboy), to full-length adult movies (Playboy TV Double Features).

Recently the schedule has given an adult-twist to additional genres such as game shows (Show Us Your Wits), and newsmagazines (69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die). Many of the more popular shows that are out of production such as Night Calls and Sexy Girls Next Door continue to thrive on Playboy TV's On Demand channels.

Throughout the past 25 years, several notable stars and comedians have had regular roles on Playboy TV shows including Steve-O, Dave Sheridan, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Iliza Shlesinger, and Devinn Lane.
[edit] Content

The content on Playboy TV is more explicit than the softer material of its magazine counterpart. Although initially broadcasting soft core content (with any hardcore footage edited out) Playboy TV in recent years has begun showing sex acts including oral and vaginal penetration, without showing any explicit ejaculation or anal sex. This is due to Playboy TV's programming policy which reflects a desire to produce material that can be used in countries and US jurisdictions (notably Utah) that restrict what can be shown, although less censored material is shown on the Playboy website.

Some programs that do contain sex acts are also done in a way that is characteristic of Playboy, such as Sexy Urban Legends, a show where two young men give their humorous accounts of urban legends that are related to sexual situations. Other series, such as Foursome and 7 Lives Xposed are more explicit and show unsimulated sexual activity, with varying degrees of explicitness. Naughty Amateur Home Videos, for its first few seasons, edited out footage showing any penetration from the viewer-supplied videos, but in the early 2000s began showing uncensored hardcore footage (though, in keeping with station policy, on-screen ejaculation directly on females and anal penetration is not shown). Double Features movies starting at 11 PM Eastern time in the US are also uncut hardcore movies, however they too follow the programming standard. Recently as of January 2008, the Nooner movies have included hardcore as per the same standards as the night block. Night Calls, now shown only in the late night block, usually has at least one hardcore clip from a movie also shown under these same standards.
[edit] Current Programs

  * 69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die
  * Around The World In 80 Babes
  * The Boy Nexxt Door
  * Canoga Park
  * e-Rotic
  * Foursome
  * Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked
  * King Of Clubs
  * Money Talks
  * Naked Happy Girls
  * Naughty Amateur Home Videos
  * Playboy Prime
  * Playboy TV Double Features
  * Sam's Game
  * Search For The Perfect Girlfriend
  * Sexcetera
  * School Of Sex
  * Show Us Your Wits
  * Totally Busted
  * World Of Playboy

[edit] Past Playboy TV Shows

  * 7 Lives Xposed
  * Adult Stars Close Up
  * The BANG
  * Dark Justice
  * Electric Blue
  * The Extreme Truth
  * The Helmetcam Show
  * Jenna's American Sex Star
  * My Sexy Muses
  * Night Calls
  * Private Calls
  * Queen of Clubs
  * Sex Court
  * Sexy Girls Next Door
  * Sexy Urban Legends
  * Stripsearch
  * Tour Girls
  * X-Mates
  * The Weekend Flash

[edit] External links

  * Playboy TV official website

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